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HLB International (HLBI)

R&H Restructuring is an independent member of HLB International (HLBI), a global network of independent advisory and accounting firms. We are not in partnership with HLB International and we do not hold ourselves out as being a member of a national or international partnership.

HLB International network comprises independent member firms in many countries, many of which use HLB as part of their business name. All member firms are associated with HLBI by reason of their membership, but are separate legal entities.

No member firm or other contact has authority to enter into any legal obligations on behalf of HLBI or any other member, nor is any member firm or contact an agent of, or in partnership with, HLBI or any other member firm. By introducing you to any firm, HLBI does not accept any liability for work, which the firm carries out on your behalf and you must make your own contractual arrangements directly with them.

You agree, as the client, that each firm you appoint has sole liability for the work covered by their engagement. You undertake not to bring any proceedings or make any claim whatsoever against any other member of HLBI or against HLBI itself, in relation to the work covered by each agreement.